Optimization of steel melt

Today, secondary metallurgy is used as an efficient method to improve the quality of steel, and neutral gas blowing from the bottom is also considered as one of the modern methods of steelmaking, which has many advantages. Among these advantages, we can mention degassing in steel, homogenization of temperature and chemical composition, removal of inclusions and flotation of impurities and uniform distribution of alloy elements. The use of the purging system from the bottom has expanded the use of this method since the 70s due to its higher efficiency and easier use compared to the lance method from above. In this method, a porous plug is installed and used inside the well block designed for this purpose in the bottom of the Ladle.

Purging Plug and Well Block

According to the size of the Ladle and the volume of the melt inside it, there are different types of Purging plug in terms of type, use and size available or can be produced. Common types of this part and its well block are: GPII, GPIII,…

  • Ideal in controlling the volume of the tail

  • Resistant to wear and corrosion

  • Easy replacement

  • Good working life