Slide gate plate

Slide Gate Plate isThe most important part of the slide gate system. It directly controls the flow of molten steel coming out of the bottom pouring ladle. Long-term contact with molten steel and direct confrontation with the thermal front and the high potential of steel in causing corrosion, can cause the depreciation of this part. Here are solutions to increase the life of the Slide Gate Plate. The resistance level of ladle well block and Upper Nozzle and Lower Nozzle to the critical conditions in steel making is important for maximum use of the parts of this system. It is also necessary to use the standard ” Slide Gate System ” for this purpose. Asia Refractory Co. is manufacturer of Slide plates in Iran and is one of the most famous suppliers of flow control refractories in the middle east.

  • Highest melting sequences compared to similar products

  • Resistance to thermal shock

  • Ease of replacing worn parts

  • Increasing the time intervals between the repairs of the ladle furnace

Functionality and productivity are the most important factors in choosing!

t is important that the consumables that are used for production are procured from reliable sources and at the lowest cost.

Ladle Well Block, Slide gate

Slide Gate , Ladle Nozzle, Collector Nozzle, Wellblock

1QC , 2QC Slide Gate Plate

  • Can be used in several consecutive melts

  • Ensuring correct performance and security in use

  • Minimal corrosion and wear due to molten flow passing through the system

  • The use of Al-C body, which results in high shock resistance and minimum thermal expansion coefficient

  • The high dimensional accuracy of the assembly and the impermeability of the system is guaranteed

  • Very high resistance to thermal shock

product variety And availability!

Choosing the right size and type of part for continuous production is as important as material quality.

Refractory parts with different shapes and standards

Due to the fact that in the production line of some factories, equipment designed by various designers is used, Asia Refractories declares its readiness to supply these parts with suitable quality.

  • economical

  • Variety of designs and sizes